Carpentry Training Books

carpentry books

If you’re considering training as a carpenter then there are some great books that can help you with your training, they are a great way to help you prepare to get your head around what you’ll be learning once you start on your carpentry course. And they will be a great reference for you during…

Starting a Carpentry Career

Starting a Carpentry Career

A career as a carpenter has never been easier to achieve, with so many training courses to choose from throughout the UK, you could become a carpenter quicker than ever before and achieve your new chosen career, and a very worthy one. Carpenters are in huge demand, as it is a very skilled job and…

How to get a carpentry apprenticeship?

carpentry apprenticeship

If you’re reading this then you must be thinking about becoming a carpenter, well as you probably already know it’s a great career choice with fantastic job prospects. You have the option of going self-employed if you love the idea of working for yourself with no boss to have to answer to, or you have…

How to Become a Self Employed Carpenter?

self employed carpenter

Becoming a self employed carpenter will offer you many great advantages compared to working for someone else, the main advantage being working for yourself without anybody to answer to. You will be in control of everything. If you are just out of school and know that becoming a self employed carpenter is definitely the career…

How to Retrain as a Carpenter

Retrain as a Carpenter

If your one of the many people finding themselves in need of a change of career due to unemployment or are stuck in a dead end job thinking of ways you could improve your life then there is something you should know with the current unemployment rate at the time of writing standing at 2.5…

How To Become a Carpenter?

How To Become a Carpenter?

A carpenters job is to make and fit the wooden fixtures & fittings around the home or commercial premises. Typically this will include roof trusses, floorboards, staircases, door frames & doors, kitchen & bathroom fittings as well as partition walls. Carpenters can work as part of a small team or on their own. As a…

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