Starting a Carpentry Career

A career as a carpenter has never been easier to achieve, with so many training courses to choose from throughout the UK, you could become a carpenter quicker than ever before and achieve your new chosen career, and a very worthy one.

Carpenters are in huge demand, as it is a very skilled job and only the very eager and determined person will achieve it. Did you know a qualified carpenter can earn approximately £28,000 per year.

The City and Guilds carpentry courses will train you up to the level as a fully qualified carpenter in approximately 6 weeks, once the course has been completed you can become a self employed carpenter, your instructors are there to help you achieve your goal and you may be worried that you have never done this sort of thing before but that doesn’t matter they are there to help you become a fully qualified carpenter.

To do a course can be expensive they are usually between £3,000 and £4,000, but what you have to remember is what you will achieve at the end of the course, your future career as a carpenter.

First of all you learn all there is to know about carpentry and then you put all you’ve learned into practice, only proper carpentry courses teach people this way.

On your way to being a skilled Tradesman

building trade skills

Once you have completed your carpentry course you will be able to conquer anything that comes your way, these are after all things that carpenters do every day. Courses usually start on Monday mornings to Friday afternoons.

Once you have passed your course you will be awarded with a City and Guilds Carpentry & Joinery (6217) carpentry certificate.

If you gain this certificate the next thing to do is have a practical assessment of all the carpentry skills you have gained, the person who tests you on this is at a place of work by a City and Guilds examiner.

This is the final step from achieving a NVQ Wood Occupations Carpentry Diploma, if you pass then well done you are now a fully trained carpenter and you can now go and put what you’ve learned into practice, your new chosen career has just begun.